Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Company Update

In these unprecedented times, with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting our families and businesses, we wanted to reach out to you to share some of the many initiatives we are taking to protect our team members and continue to support our customers during these difficult times.

Above all else, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery, and we remain inspired by our healthcare workers and others who are caring for people around the world.

All systems ready and more support than ever before

We realise that in times like this, reaching your customers with effective marketing and powering your business processes with efficient and reliable solutions is more important than ever before.

Many of our clients are requesting ‘emergency’ and priority adjustments and upgrades for their websites, systems and other marketing adjacencies to communicate their business adaptations and other service changes as effectively and quickly as possible to their own clients.

We realise that our services and products are essential to your success in reaching customers during these challenging times. Similarly, quick turn around times are just as critical.

For that reason, we have:

  • Hired additional staff to help service the increasing number of customer requests and jobs.
  • Proactively upgraded 3 of our main servers to ensure all website and email related services are able to cope with the extra activity with no issues.
  • Purchased additional equipment and diversified our systems locations around the globe to ensure we have backup systems ready in the event of localised power or data outages.

Supporting Our Employees, Vendors, and Temporary Staff

We’ve taken actions to reduce the need for people to come into our offices across the globe, based on local conditions. At the same time, we know that customers rely on Inventiva’s products and services, and we are committed to keeping them running smoothly.

Some of the measures we have taken include:

  • Acquiring and mobilising additional hardware to equip all of our key staff with workstations at home so they can continue to perform their duties without any compromises on quality or production speed.
  • We have reinforced personal hygiene habits and provided our team members with an extra allowance to account for the ongoing cost of sanitising equipment and supplies.
  • We have advised our Sales and Account Management staff to encourage online meetings and video calls with our clients as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.
  • Interstate and overseas travel has been suspended.
  • Implemented social distancing measures to limit the number of face-to-face interactions amongst our staff and different departments.
  • Actively staying up to date and enforcing health and travel advices issued by the Australian, UK and other local governments where we operate. Including self-isolation and quarantine periods for all team members returning from international travel.

Ensuring Uptime for Customers and Partners

We understand the importance of keeping all of your systems up-and-running during this time.

We also know that, for many customers, this time has meant even more disruption to their businesses, with extreme swings in customer demand and stress on certain channels. That’s why we’re working across production areas where excess capacity may exist to help avoid disruptions, as well as partnering with telco providers to ensure we manage congestion on our networks.

A moment like this is a reminder about how we all need to band together to overcome challenges and complexities. Please find below a set of FAQs on our readiness to support customers during this period. Our teams are here for you, and we’ll continue to keep you updated and informed.


The Inventiva Creative Studio and Inventiva Global teams

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q: What is Inventiva doing to monitor the situation?

A: We are keeping a close eye on developments related to the coronavirus. We are actively monitoring the situation through many trusted information sources such as the WHO and CDC. To protect our customers, partners and employees, we’re restricting international and domestic travel, encouraging, and equipping employees with the best technology to be able to work from home effectively, amongst other measures.

Q: How is customer support being handled where employees aren’t working from the office?

A: We’ve taken several measures to ensure our support capacity is not affected and we continue to provide ongoing service and support for our customers. In addition, our engineering and specialised teams are well-equipped to perform their tasks when working remotely. We’re confident that our systems and procedures can continue to support our customers and partners during this time.

Q: Will there be delays in certain technical services or support resolutions?

A: At this stage, we do not expect delays. We’re confident that our systems and procedures can continue to support our customers and partners during this time.

Q: Should we expect any disruptions, downtime, or lack of performance in regions affected by the virus?

A: No, at this stage, we do not expect any direct user-facing impact as a result of our response to the situation. We will keep customers informed should the situation change.

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