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Advertising on social networks is one of the most important and influential tools to obtain the results you are looking for for your business.

Currently, the digital market comprises a wide range of options to implement their marketing and advertising campaigns on social networks. For this reason, in Inventiva we will design your next advertising campaign taking into account the size and turn of your business as well as the budget you want to invest in order to opt for the best option for you and thus achieve your goals successfully.

What is advertising in social networks?

Definition of advertising in social networks

Advertising on social networks consists of implementing an advertising campaign with ads paid by a company or person, which will be shown to users of a specific social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, among others.

Advertising ads on social networks can be displayed as blocks in the middle of the paragraphs of the different web pages of any social network or they can also appear as a display within it. These ads, like advertising ads on Google , have a model of cost or payment per Click (PPC / CPC), this means that the advertiser company or the person who advertises will only pay when the user of the social network click on that ad.

What can be obtained through advertising in social networks?

Objectives of advertising in social networks

When we carry out this type of advertising campaigns on social networks, the main objectives we are looking for are the following:

  • Increase your visibility and strengthen your brand image.
  • Increase your sales considerably.
  • Increase user traffic on your web page.
  • Increase the number of your potential clients.
  • Increase your exposure in social networks.

What are the benefits of advertising in social networks?

Advantages of advertising in social networks

  • You will be able to notice results quickly and effectively. One of the great advantages of advertising on social networks is the speed with which you can see the results, this if we compare it with an organic growth campaign such as SEO. The algorithms used by social networks make it quite complicated to reach your target audience organically, so if you want your brand to appear quickly on social networks, it is best to pay for the ads on these same platforms.
  • The number of potential clients multiplies. By conducting a well-focused social media advertising campaign, your business will be displayed to approximately 2,700 million users who are active in active social networks, which allocate about 5 hours a day connected to those pages.
  • The advertising system is very profitable with respect to the investment. Campaigns in social networks help us maximize our investment since they can be segmented in such a way that we only direct our ads to potential clients without wasting our money and efforts on people who are not interested in our products or services.

It should also be noted that the values ​​charged by social networks are quite cheap since they are only paid when a potential client enters your notice, which is much more effective, cheaper and with a higher rate of return than the investment made. .

  • Geographic and temporal barriers are eliminated. This aspect is very beneficial especially if you have a physical business. With advertising in Social Networks, your business will have a portal that opens to the world at all times. You no longer need people to visit you physically to know the products or service you offer.
  • Detailed reports of the behavior of your campaign. The reports generated by the advertising platforms of social networks are very diverse and available to all advertisers, so you can be aware of everything that is happening with your ad and the behaviour that your campaign maintains every day. This allows us to make changes and optimize some aspects of your advertising campaign on social networks in order to get the most out of it and get a better return on your investment.

What are the types of social media advertising?

Plataformas diponibles para publicidad en redes sociales

Dependiendo de cuáles sean nuestros objetivos y de cual sea el publico objetivo al cual se desa llegar habrán unas redes sociales que nos entreguen mayores resultados que otras y de esta forma podemos lograr un mayor retorno de la inversion en marketing.

Todas las redes sociales poseen una plataforma para hacer publicidad y crear campañas de marketing, las redes sociales más utilizadas para hacer publicidad son las siguentes:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pintterest Ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads

It is the social network with the largest number of users worldwide, also has a wide range of advertising services available to those who want to hire the service.

Some important statistics:

  • Facebook currently has an estimated 2,200 million active users per month.
  • Advertisers have increased investment in Facebook by 50% over last year.
  • The average value per share has increased by 17% in the last year.

Keep in mind that this service is essential if you are looking to improve your digital exposure and appear in the main Google search results quickly and effectively. If you have any questions or wish to start an advertising campaign in Google Ads, do not wait any longer and get in touch with our team of experts in Digital Marketing strategies.

Social Media Advertising Digitial, Social Media Advertising, World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the social network with the highest growth in recent years and, like Facebook, offers a wide range of advertising solutions. The advertising campaigns that are implemented in this social network are mainly those that have a large number of visual elements.

Some important statistics:

  • 83% of all people who use Instagram follow several businesses that have profiles in this social network.
  • 30% of the videos published on Instagram are unique, that is, they are made exclusively for this social network.
  • Instagram has the highest rate of purchases through mobile devices, being 70% higher compared to purchases made through other social networks.
Social Media Advertising Digitial, Social Media Advertising, World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Ads

Undoubtedly, one of the most successful ways to advertise on social networks is through videos. It is for this reason that the YouTube platform, being specialized in this area, maintains a notorious advantage over other social networks. Likewise, YouTube has maintained a sustainable growth during the last years, which has made them one of the most popular portals among social network users.

Some important statistics:

  • 70% of users who visit the YouTube platform come from a mobile device.
  • YouTube currently has more than 1,900 million active users per month.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the third website with the highest number of visits after Google and Facebook.

Finally, in addition to the main social networks that we mentioned above as the most used options, another group of social networks is also available that, depending on the specific objective of your campaign could be considered as an option for advertising, this is the case of Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads and LinkedIn Ads. 

Social Media Advertising Digitial, Social Media Advertising, World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

Frequent Questions

1.- How much does advertising in social networks cost?

A: The cost of an advertising campaign on social networks is totally relative, since it depends on several components such as the maximum cost offer per click and the number of clicks your ad receives. If you still have any questions regarding this issue, we invite you to contact us and make your cosulta for free.

2.- What is the social network that I must choose to implement my campaign?

A: This response will depend on what is the main focus of your campaign and in turn what will be the target audience you want to reach with that advertisement. Based on the aforementioned, our experts in Marketing and Digital Strategies will help you make the best decision so that you can get the maximum return on your investment.

3.- If I pay for an advertising campaign in social networks, do I make sure to increase sales?

A: Yes, in most cases. In Inventiva we are aware of the importance of the advertising campaign being focused and oriented correctly, so that it can be limited only to its target audience in order to avoid unnecessary losses of its investment and, on the contrary, allow it to attract new customers and increase your sales and profitability.

4.- Can I cancel my advertising campaign in social networks at any time?

A: Yes. You can cancel your campaign at any time, since there are no subscriptions that keep you for a minimum time or a minimum investment, that is, you decide how long you want to keep your active advertising campaign in said social network.

Tell us about your Social Media Advertising campaign

Our team of experts in Marketing and Digital Strategies is fully trained with the latest techniques and tools that we have developed thanks to our long experience in the digital market. For this reason, Inventiva can guarantee the positioning of your website quickly and effectively through a really successful Google Ads campaign that generates notorious results. 
Talk to us and find everything you need to improve your brand image, grow your business and achieve results through the Google Ads campaign that we will design especially for you!



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Social Media Advertising Digitial, Social Media Advertising, World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

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