1. About the Client

Halation Health focuses on natural and sustainable Australian made products that span across the wellness, lifestyle and beauty arenas. The word “Halation” is defined as “the spreading of light beyond it’s boundaries” and this definition has inspired Halation Health to help their customers shine with a little help from their outstanding range of wellness and beauty products.

2. Modules / Components of the Project

An online store (E-Commerce) was an important feature for the Halation Health project however, its overall success came from implementing the right marketing strategies. These strategies were designed and applied to achieve the ideal positioning that our client required, to appear higher in Google search results for relative keywords/keyphrases. Finally, optimised design features and the right balance of content was achieved to ensure a superior website user/customer experience on any device.

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3. Corporate Identity and Branding

Branding and Corporate Identity is the way the public views your business. How does it contribute to society and make a difference? For Halation Health, the creation of the right branding and corporate identity was vital to ensuring the long-term prosperity of the business. The experts at Inventiva Creative Studio ™ focused on designing a meaningful logo and carefully crafting the right brand for Halation Health. We had to ensure that the campaign was consistent with their values and fairly represented what their brand was about. In this case, high-quality graphic design work was vital including the use of attractive and modern colours. The choice of colours is important as they need to attract the target audience and encourage them to discover the products and services offered on the website.

Full Colour Logo

Monochrome Logo

Branding Colours

4. The Website

The visually stunning, high performance and user-friendly Halation Health website includes E-Commerce functionality. This includes the ability for customers to subscribe and receive the latest news, promotions and new product launches. In addition, this website has interactive forms and contact buttons suitable for any form of customer enquiry including quotations, questions and feedback.

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5. Responsive design

Like any project that Inventiva completes, responsive design is always considered an important aspect. Design, performance and user experience shouldn’t be compromised because of the screen size. The Halation Health project was no exception. The responsive design was completed to ensure the overall performance of the website was maximised for all users; that is, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device users. It is important to cater to all users so that the website can maximise the chance of securing a sale or enquiry.

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