1. About the Client

The Hellenic Odyssey is a company dedicated to the sale of tour packages in the city of Crete, Greece. Their aim is to share the love and passion that they have for Greek heritage with the rest of the world. They have more than 7 years of experience in the tourist market of Crete, which positions The Hellenic Odyssey as one of the most recognized and requested tour package providers in the area.

2. Modules / Components of the Project

Within the components of this project we can mention: Renewal of the logo and corporate branding, to achieve a new image and focus of the company, as well as the incorporation of E-Commerce so that its customers can buy the services online and finally, the project involved another no less important component that was the generation of strategic content and optimized for SEO as well as the implementation of an effective advertising campaign in Google Ads.

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3. Corporate Identity & Branding

In the project of the company The Hellenic Odyssey we tried to use bright colors and an accurate typeface that reflects a modern and original image, accompanied by bright colors and high quality images, focusing on showing their services through a unique and attractive style.

Full Colour Logo

Monochrome Logo

Branding Colour

4. The Website

The Hellenic Odyssey is a website through which you can make purchases online, as it is implemented with the shopping cart system for virtual stores (E-Commerce) and also has an online registration system, allowing your users to access to your accounts through a username and password. Also, in this new web page, links to social networks and contact forms and online booking were incorporated.


5. Responsive Design

In the project for The Hellenic Odyssey, as in all our web design jobs, we also incorporated the responsive design to make the web page could be adapted without problems to any screen size and still be fabulous in all types of devices mobile phones without altering any aspect of the design or functionality of the website itself.

Compatible with:

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