1. About the Client

Western Sewing Machine Services is a company that sells and repairs all types of sewing machines. This family business has 40 years of experience in the field and has more than 100 stable customers in its daily operation, which positions them as one of the largest companies of repair and sale of sewing machines in Australia.

2. Modules / Components of the Project

Among the main modules and components used for the project of Western Sewing Machine Services we can find the Web Design and Development, as well as the total renewal of its brand manual and implementation of a strategic SEO campaign. Also, one of the key factors for the success of this project was the generation of optimized content, which is easy for the target audience to understand and show them the information in a clear and organized manner.

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3. Corporate Identity & Branding

For the creation of the corporate identity and the branding of Western Sewing Machine Services, strong and eye-catching colours were sought to capture the attention of website visitors and invite them to browse the entire page. For the corporate logo our experts were based on the business line creating a modern design that speaks for itself about the business.

Full Colour Logo

Monochrome Logo

Branding Colour

4. The Website

Wester Sewing Machine Services is a web page in which you can renew the purchase of your products through a virtual store, also has contact buttons and easy and simple query forms to complete in case of having any type of additional requirement.

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5. Responsive Design

In the project of Western Sewing Machine Services, as in all our web design works, we also incorporated the responsive design to ensure that the web page could be adapted without problems to any screen size and continue to be fabulous in all kinds of mobile devices without losing any aspect of the design or functionality of the website itself.

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