1. About the Client

Gforce Reo Fix is ​​a company dedicated to the field of construction, which highlights its 3 main businesses that are the application of concrete, work with metals and excavation, the latter being the most requested by its customers for being a reference in the excavation of land for commercial premises.

2. Modules / Components of the Project

For the creation and development of the Gforce Reo Fix website, the work carried out in the SEO and advertising modules in Google Ads was key, since the digital environment acts as the main meeting point between the company and its potential clients, so the strategies implemented by our experts made a noticeable difference, achieving the positioning that represented the main objective that our client was looking to achieve with this project.


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3. Corporate Identity and Branding

For the creation of the logo and the renewal of the corporate identity of this client, we sought to reflect an image that conveyed strength, confidence and experience. Thanks to this we were able to achieve a striking style and with colors consistent with what our client sought to reflect, all accompanied by a logo representative and ideal for the business of this company.

Full Colour Logo

Monochrome Logo

Branding Colour

4. The Website

The website of Gforce Reo Fix is ​​configured with buttons and automated forms to request quotes quickly and easily by its users and customers. In addition, this project incorporated a gallery with images of its main services and also links to its main social networks to increase its exposure in other types of platforms.

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5. Responsive design

In the Gforce Reo Fix project, as in all our web design jobs, we also incorporated the responsive design to ensure that the web page could be adapted without problems to any screen size and continue to look fabulous on all types of devices mobile without losing any aspect of the design or functionality of the website itself.

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