1. About the Client

Odpods is a company dedicated to the research and development of ecological solutions for the funeral services industry. Its products and services aim to solve many of the problems that most countries face within their burial system, seeking to maintain a balance between tradition, religion, ecological practices and the cost of land.

2. Modules / Components of the Project

Odpods is a website that offers a series of ecological solutions for the burial industry. One of the main objectives of this client was to completely renew the branding of his company, so our experts focused on developing a whole process of corporate image renewal, which included everything from the renewal of the logo and typography, to the update of the web page itself.

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3. Corporate Identity & Branding

For the definition of the branding of this company, the client asked us to design a style that is consistent with the business and that emphasizes reflecting an ecological and avant-garde culture. Thanks to our Creativity and Design experts, the appearance that the client was looking for was achieved by updating the corporate logo, the typography, and the website in general; all this as part of the branding renewal project. 

Full Colour Logo

Monochrome Logo

Branding Colour

4. The Website

OdPods is a website that offers ecological funeral services, which are detailed through a very well structured content, thus facilitating the navigation experience of its visitors. This website has been designed and programmed in such a way that it can offer its users any type of query or requirement directly from the website, all thanks to the joint work of our programmers who implemented automatic and interactive forms that operate 24 hours a day.

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5. Responsive Design

In the Odpods project, as in all our web design jobs, we also incorporated the responsive design to ensure that the website could be adapted without problems to any screen size and still be seen fabulous on all types of mobile devices without alter any aspect of the design or functionality of the website itself.

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