Inventiva Creative Studio™ Privacy Policy

Last update May 13, 2019. Replaces all previous versions.

The Inventiva Creative Studio ™ Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of Inventiva ™ websites and applications. Your relationship is established with Inventiva ™, which will be in charge of the control of your personal information, and the legislation of the country where you reside will be applied.

Please note that, in order to use our applications and websites, you authorize Inventiva ™ to transfer your personal information across national borders and to other countries where Inventiva Creative Studio ™ and its partners work. The privacy protections and the authorities’ rights to access your information in these countries may not be equivalent to those in your country. We will only transfer your personal information to countries where permitted by law and we will take the necessary steps to ensure that your personal information continues to receive adequate protections. For more information, see the section “Does Inventiva Creative Studio ™ transfer my personal information across national borders?”

What does this Privacy Policy cover?

This privacy policy describes how Inventiva Creative Studio ™ (also known as “we” or “our”) will use your information on the websites and applications of Inventiva creative studio ™. 

Please note that the websites and applications provided by some companies acquired by Inventiva Creative Studio ™ may operate under their own privacy policies until their privacy practices are integrated with the privacy practices of Inventiva creative studio™. See also the  Conditions of Use of Inventive creative studio ™ and other conditions of further use or license agreements product that may be applicable to the website or the application you are using.

What information does Inventiva Creative Studio™ collect about me?

Inventiva ™ ID, registration and customer service

When you register to use an Inventiva Creative Studio ™website or application , create an Inventiva creative studio ™ ID or contact us for assistance or other offers, Inventiva creative studio ™ collects identifying information. This includes: Name; birthdate; company name; Email address; phone number; address; country; IP address; payment / billing information; types of applications and websites of interest; and content of communications with customer assistance. Some of the information mentioned above is required and other information is optional.

To help keep our databases up-to-date and provide you with the most relevant content and experiences, we may combine the information you provide with information from third-party sources, in accordance with applicable legislation. For example, the size, sector and other information about the company you work for (if you have provided the name of the company) will be obtained from sources including professional social networking sites and information service providers.

Inventiva Creative Studio ™ Websites and Applications

We collect information about how you use our websites and applications, including when you use a feature of a desktop application that involves an online connection. Depending on the application or website, this information may be anonymous or may be associated with you.

This information includes: IP address; type of browser and device; web page that made you reach an Inventiva Creative Studio ™website ; search terms entered into a search engine that sent you to an Inventiva creative studio ™ website; use and navigation of websites and applications (collected through cookies and similar technologies, or by Inventiva Creative Studio ™ servers when you have logged in to the application or website); analysis of your content that is sent or received using an online feature of an Inventiva creative studio ™ website or application, or stored on Inventiva Creative Studio ™ servers.

Inventiva Creative Studio ™ E-mails

The emails we send you may include a technology (called a web beacon) that tells  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ if you have received or opened the email or clicked on an email link. If you do not want us to collect this information, you can refuse to receive marketing emails from Inventiva Creative Studio ™.

Inventiva Creative Studio ™ online advertising

 Inventiva Creative Studio ™ advertises online in a variety of ways, including showing Inventiva creative studio ™ ads on websites and applications from other companies and on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Inventiva creative studio ™ websites use cookies and similar technologies provided by our own company and other companies that allow us to gather additional information to measure and improve the effectiveness of our advertising. We collect information such as the following: What ads are displayed; What ads are clicked on; and Where the ad was shown.

Buttons, tools and content of other companies

Inventiva Creative Studio ™ websites and applications may include buttons, tools or content linked to the services of other companies (for example, a “Like” button on Facebook). We may collect information about your use of these features, such as content marked “like” and address information in Google Maps. In addition, when you see or interact with these buttons, tools or content, or when you see a web page or Inventiva creative studio ™ application where they appear, it is possible that certain information about your browser is automatically sent to the other company. Read the company’s privacy policy for more information.

Social networking pages and social login services for Inventiva Creative Studio ™

You can sign in to some Inventiva Creative Studio ™ websites or applications using a social network account, such as a Facebook account. When you grant the appropriate permissions, we will receive information about you from your social media account, such as name, location, and basic demographic information.

  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ has its own pages on numerous social networking sites. We will collect the information you have made available to the public on your social media account, such as the name and interests of our products and services, when interacting with our social networking pages.

How does Inventiva Creative Studio use the information it collects about me?

Inventiva Creative Studio ™ uses the information we collect about you for the following purposes:

  • Provide you with the Inventiva creative studio ™ applications and web sites for which you have registered, as well as any services, support or information that you have requested.
  • Understand better how our websites and our applications are used so that we can improve them and thus be able to capture and retain our users.

  • The use of automated systems to analyse their content using techniques such as machine learning to improve our services. This analysis can occur as content is sent, received or stored.
  • Diagnose problems in our applications and websites.

  • Adapt a website, an application or an advertisement for  to your possible interests.

  • Sending commercial messages, such as those related to payments or the expiration of your subscription.

  • Sending information about Inventiva Creative Studio ™ new application launches, special offers and similar information.

  • Carry out market studies about our clients, their interests and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

  • Reduce fraud, software piracy and protect you, as well as Inventiva creative studio ™.
  • For an application or specific website of   Inventiva Creative Studio ™.

Does inventiva Creative Studio

share my personal information?

No, we do not.

Although, we may share your personal information only under these exceptions:

  • When he agreed to share it
  • With our resellers and other sales partners if you are a commercial customer and you agreed to receive marketing communications from Inventiva Creative Studio ™. Please note that we do not share personal information about consumers with third parties for their own marketing purposes unless the consumer agrees to share it.
  • When we are required to provide information in response to a subpoena, court order or other law or applicable legal process.
  • When we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to prevent or respond to fraud, defend our applications or websites against attacks, or protect the property and safety of Inventiva Creative Studio ™, our customers and users or the general public.
  • If we merge or are acquired by another company, we sell a website, an application or a business unit of Inventiva creative studio, or if another or a substantial part of our assets are acquired by another company. In those cases, your information is likely to be one of the assets transferred.

We may share or publish aggregate information that does not specifically identify you, such as statistical information about visitors to our websites.

Is my personal information displayed somewhere in the Inventiva Creative Studio™ websites or applications?

There are several sites on the websites and inventive applications that allow you to post comments, upload images or send content for others to see. Sometimes you can limit who can see what you share, but there are some places where the general public or other users of the application or website can see what you share. Be careful when sharing your personal information. Do not share anything you do not want to be publicly known unless you are sure that you are publishing it in an application or website that allows you to control who sees what you post. Please note that when you post messages in certain user forums on our websites and applications, your email address or your name can be included and displayed with your message.

To remove the content that you have shared on our websites and applications, use the same application or function of the website you used to share the content. If another user invites you to participate in shared viewing, editing or commenting on content, you may be able to delete your contributions, but generally, the user who invited you has full control. If you have questions or concerns about this, contact us.

Is my personal information protected?

We are aware that the security of your personal information is important. We provide reasonable administrative, technical and physical security controls to protect your personal information. However, despite our efforts, there is no security control whose effectiveness is 100% and  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ can not guarantee or guarantee that your personal information is completely secure.

Where does Inventiva Creative Studio™ store my personal information?

Your personal information and your files are stored on the servers of  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ and the servers of the companies that we hire to provide their services.

Does Inventiva Creative Studio™ transfer my personal information across national borders?

We may transfer your personal information across national borders to other countries in accordance with applicable laws.

How can I check / update my personal information or close my Inventiva Creative Studio™ account?

Under the law of some countries, you may have the right to access information that  Inventiva Creative Studio ™has about you, correct errors in that information and delete personal information that we no longer have business reasons to keep. Many of our websites and applications allow you to edit your personal information by accessing “my account,” “my profile,” or a similar feature of the application or website you are using. In the same way, you can delete files or photos that you have stored on our websites and applications by logging in and using the removal functions that are available to you.

To request that we remove your email address from our marketing database, deactivate your  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ ID account or provide a copy of your personal information, send your request by email to Keep in mind that we must keep certain information about you for legal and internal business reasons, such as fraud prevention. We will retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide you with the websites and applications that you can use with your  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ ID and as necessary to comply with our legal obligations and enforce our agreements.

Will the Inventiva Creative Studio™ privacy policy change?

Occasionally, we may change this privacy policy to allow Inventiva Creative Studio ™ to use or share your personal information in another way. If we do, the links to the policy of our websites (which are usually located at the bottom of the website) will indicate that the policy has been modified. For new users, the change will be effective at the time of publication. For existing users, if the change is significant, it will be effective 30 days after publication. We recommend that you regularly consult the Inventiva Creative Studio ™ Privacy Center for the latest information about our privacy practices.

Who can I contact in order to answer my questions?

If you have any questions, concerns or requests, please write to us at