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Google advertising ads Australia, Google Advertising (Google Ads), World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

Advertise on Google today and get calls from the very first week. Guaranteed results

We know you’re busy, so we will get straight to the point with some quick facts:

  • How much does it cost? – Your total monthly investment is $830, no hidden fees, no more to pay. (Includes approx. $280 worth of clicks credit)
  • What do I get for my money? – We take care of the end to end process for you, so you can focus on the things that really matter to you and your business.
  • What results can I expect? –  You will get calls and enquiries on the very first week your advertising campaign goes live.
  • What if I’m not happy? – Feel free to cancel at any time. Please note, however, at the time of cancellation, you will still have to pay Google for the clicks acquired. (Don’t worry, Google only charges you if your Ad was clicked)

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Google advertising ads Australia, Google Advertising (Google Ads), World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

Google Ads: A powerful, affordable and effective advertising service from Google

What will spot 1, page 1 of Google mean for your business? Google Ads simply allows your company and brand to get the exposure that it deserves. The end result is quite clear – your business getting greater exposure from qualified potential customers. That is greater exposure to customers that are demanding your products and services at the moment they search for them. It’s that simple!

Nevertheless, only the most successful Google Ads campaigns will be in spot 1, page 1 and a well-managed campaign by Inventiva has the potential to achieve this. Furthermore, your Google Ads campaign will bring more traffic to your website and can benefit your organic search traffic.

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What is Google Ads?

Definition of Google Ads

Google Ads, put simply, is an online advertising service offered by Google as a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. Using Google Ads, you can create online ads to reach potential customers at the exact moment they demand the products and/or services you offer.

Additionally, Google Ads directs more traffic to your website which can potentially have a significant impact on your organic search ranking. In other words, more traffic to your website can actually lead to your non-paid (or organic) search ranking to be higher in Google search results.

Furthermore, Google Ads is one of the main sources of revenue for Google and for a very good reason. It has helped businesses worldwide reach more customers and is always becoming a more powerful tool. Over the years, Google has added more functionality to allow your ads to specifically target more relevant potential customers.

So how does Google profit? “Cost per Click” – for every customer that clicks on your Ad and lands on your website, you pay for the “Click” or website visit. However, compared to other forms of advertising, it is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies.

About Google Advertisement in Australia

Google Advertising allows your business to display ads in Google Search and Display Network. If done correctly, your ads can be displayed on Google’s page 1 of the search results for your particular industry or search term. This is huge as you will get first priority with customers searching for your products and services. Appearing on page one of Google is the most effective advertising method of today’s digital world. Australian consumers see Google as their “go-to” source of information and reference point for services and products.

In this section we cover some of the basic terminology and definitions about Google Ads and Google Advertisement.

What benefits can Google Ads have for your company?

The Advantages of Google Ads for Australian Businesses

By working with Inventiva to create an effective Google Ads campaign, your company can:

  • Choose where your Google Ads ad will appear; either in Google search results or on the different web pages that make up the Google partner network.
  • Establish a budget that seems appropriate; this helps to control the number of leads you’re getting. If there’s not enough, you can simply increase your budget. If your company has capacity constraints (receiving too many enquiries to handle) then you can reduce the budget.
  • Easily measure the impact of your ad and perform the relevant maintenance to achieve the desired results. Google Ads accounts are managed online, so you can analyse the behaviour of your campaign whenever you want.
  • Most importantly, it gives your company exposure to potential customers that are demanding your products and/or services at the moment they search for them. As a result, you will increase your sales and bring more traffic to your website which can help to boost your organic Google search result (help get your website closer to page 1 of a Google search result).

How does Google Ads work?

Why is Google Advertisement so effective and how it all works.

Developing a Google Ads campaign means that your company can feature on Google search results, as well as on numerous websites that are part of the Google advertising network. However, we’ve found that the most cost-effective form of digital marketing is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This is where your ad appears in Google Search results and you only pay for people that are interested in or are demanding your product. On the other end of the spectrum, push advertising such as TV ads are shown to everyone. Therefore the majority of your advertising expenditure is used on people who are not only uninterested in your product/service, but they are also not demanding your product/service.

So how do you create a Google Ads Campaign?

  • Firstly, you must configure the campaign, indicating some details such as the budget allocated to it, the geographical segmentation and the language.
  • Next, you must create the ads using the Google Ads platform. For this stage, you should take into account all of your competitive advantages to help your business stand out from the rest.
  • Then you must enter keywords or keyphrases, that is, those words or phrases by which your customers will search for your company and your products/services.
  • After your campaign has been running for a week, it’s time to monitor the results and make optimisations to improve the campaign’s effectiveness. Regular monitoring and optimisations should take place so that you can maximise the campaign’s effectiveness in the long-term.

In this way, when one of your potential customers makes a search using one of those keywords or keyphrases, your ad will appear. A successful Google Ads campaign can yield incredible results but only if the time is taken to understand the key components and continually improve the campaign.

What is a Google Ads campaign?

Components of a successful Google Ads campaign

First of all, it’s important to understand what you need to put in your Google Ads campaign. You need to understand the right keywords, themes, locations and more. By conducting market research you can determine the most effective way to implement your Ads campaign. This way, you’re only targeting people that are really interested in your products and/or services.

Additionally, implementing your campaign correctly right from the start is the best way to avoid unnecessary loss. For instance, a Google Ads Campaign that targets the wrong market will be costing you, not achieving any sales and will be difficult to analyse and adjust based on bad data. You need to implement a targeted campaign in order to reach your potential customers at the right time – i.e. when they demand the product.

Finally, AdWords will provide a whole set of statistics about your ads and keywords. This allows for further campaign optimisations to take place. That means, your campaign can be tweaked to further improve it’s effectiveness and ultimately lead to a lower cost per sale.

“Google Adwords is now Google Ads”

History of advertising on Google

With the introduction of AdWords in the year 2000, Google gave up its initial policy of remaining a completely ad-free search engine.

In July 2018, after the most important change in the interface of the platform, Google also decided to change the name of this service and it was renamed Google Ads:

“This new name reflects the full range of advertising options we offer on the Search and Display networks, on YouTube and on many other sites and web platforms.”

Google Ads was born as a reaction to an imminent loss of market share to Facebook Ads. Now, Google Ads consists of advertising through their Display network, Search results, YouTube, Google Maps, Android apps and more.

There are similar advertising programs operated by other search engines (such as Microsoft Search Marketing or Bing Ads); however, the search engine with the greatest advantage that still maintains the highest user traffic worldwide is undoubtedly Google.

To learn more about Google Ads, click here.

What makes the Google Ads campaigns offered by Inventiva unique?

With over 13 years in digital marketing strategy, our experience and willingness to adapt is now your advantage. Not only are interested in the latest marketing trends but we are also committed to employing the most successful ones. Our digital marketing strategists and consultants can help your company create a highly successful Digital Marketing Campaign by using the right tools and techniques.

Additionally, with our dedicated market research team, we can truly focus on doing an exhaustive and thorough market study to determine the most effective keywords or keyphrases will be. By doing this, your business will be able to attract more potential customers and stand out from products and services offered by competitors.

In this way, Inventiva guarantees to achieve the desired results using strategies designed specifically for each of our clients. By delimiting campaigns to target more qualified potential customers, we manage your investment to avoid unnecessary losses.

Finally, our team of Marketing and Digital Strategy experts will analyse a set of statistics and indicators to learn more about the performance of your ads and keywords. This maintenance aspect of your campaign allows us to continually improve it to maximise its effectiveness and successfully achieve your desired results.

Now we invite you to think about some keywords that are meaningful to your business and enter them into the Google search engine to observe the results that appear … Is your competition already using a Google Ads Campaign? So, do not you think it’s time to step up and overtake them?

Effectively, you should bear in mind that this service is essential if you are looking to improve your digital exposure and appear in the main Google search results quickly and effectively. If you have any questions or wish to start a cost-effective advertising campaign that will yield incredible results, then don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with our Digital Marketing Strategy experts and connect to more potential customers with a targeted Google Ads campaign.

Google advertising ads Australia, Google Advertising (Google Ads), World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

Cost of Google Advertising in Australia

On average, Google AdWords costs Australian businesses between $1,000 and $15,000 per month. The Average Cost Per Click (CPC) can range from anywhere between $1 and $50. The average CPC depends on the competitiveness of the keyword or keyphrase being targeted and the industry.

Want to know everything that goes into pricing a Google Ads campaign and what goes into the budget? please see below for our most frequently asked questions.

Is Google Advertising expensive in Australia?

A common misconception (majorly caused by inexperienced agencies delivering poor results) is that Google advertising is expensive. Especially for small businesses. With more competition (or more demand for Google Advertising), comes a higher cost. Big companies are paying tens of thousands of dollars monthly to get as much market share as possible. However, Google’s advertising platform has been designed to allow all bidders, big and small have a fair go.

Advertising on Google can be really successful and cost-effective (when done right). If you don’t do it right, there actually 2 reasons why the cost increases. First, people aren’t going to click on the Ad if it is not compelling enough to click. This results in lower performance. And second, Google will give the Ad a low-quality score and charge you more per click.

Many big companies not only throw lots of money at their campaign but pay little attention to the quality of their ads more often than not. Having a Google AdWords management company to professionally run your Ads is critical to achieving an optimal cost per click.

Having a vast amount of experience, Google AdWords management companies can charge thousands of dollars per month (depending on how many campaigns you want to run) to set up and optimise each campaign. Optimisations are actually where you start to save more and more money. As your campaign collects more data, adjustments can be made to make your ad more effective.

A reputable and experienced Google Advertisement company can and should guarantee you results. The same can be said for an excellent return on investment.

Is Google Advertising worth it?

As we’ve already mentioned, when done properly, Google Ads are probably the most cost-effective marketing tools available in today’s digital world. This is because it targets customers that are not only interested in your product or service but are also demanding it – hence they search for it.

If not done properly (or if done using a smart campaign), you can end up wasting a lot of money on useless clicks. A smart campaign is Google’s more user-friendly way to create Ads (Computer automated). The reason why a smart campaign can be more expensive is that it doesn’t allow you to make all the technical  optimisations that professional Google Advertisement Companies use.

Therefore, you should switch to expert mode and learn about the different features available. If you’re busy, don’t have time and want leads/sales tomorrow, you should speak to a Google Ads Management company. Additionally, a good Google Ads Management company can actually save you money in the short and long term. How? By getting you more qualified leads (hence more sales) and reducing your cost per click (hence improving your Ad reach).

How much do Google Ads cost per click?

Did you know that the cost of Google AdWords in Australia can significantly be reduced and managed? Let’s look at the average CPC in different industries:

  • $5.50 for Trades (Plumber, electrician, etc.)
  • $5.50 for Property & Real Estate
  • $15.00 for Legal professions
  • $4.00 for the Medical Industry
  • $4.00 for Travel and Hospitality
  • $3.50 for e-Commerce
  • $4.00 for Other Industries

How much do Google Ads cost per click?

Did you know that the cost of Google AdWords in Australia can significantly be reduced and managed? Let’s look at the average CPC in different industries:

  • $5.50 for Trades (Plumber, electrician, etc.)
  • $5.50 for Property & Real Estate
  • $15.00 for Legal professions
  • $4.00 for the Medical Industry
  • $4.00 for Travel and Hospitality
  • $3.50 for e-Commerce
  • $4.00 for Other Industries

Tell us about your next Google Ads campaign

Our team of experts in Marketing and Digital Strategies is fully trained with the latest techniques and tools that we have developed thanks to our extensive experience in the digital market. It is for this reason that Inventiva can guarantee the positioning of your website quickly and effectively through a highly successful Google Ads campaign that generates notorious results.
Talk to us to discover everything you need to improve your brand and image, to grow your business and to achieve effective results through a Google Ads campaign designed especially for you.

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Google advertising ads Australia, Google Advertising (Google Ads), World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

Why choose Inventiva for your next Google Ads campaign?

Inventiva is not only one of the most renowned digital agencies worldwide (with headquarters located in Sydney, Australia), but we are also the only company specialising in Digital Marketing and Strategies that can guarantee your position on Google to increase the profitability of your business.

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Inventiva is different. We work as your digital marketing partner to help your brand grow by providing you with tangible results. Have the confidence in your investment that you wouldn’t get with any other agency.

Google Ads campaigns from Inventiva, success guaranteed from day one

World leaders in the implementation of Google Ads advertising campaigns

Being one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in Australia, we have expanded our services around the world. Inventiva’s experience and success in the digital world have been extended to clients worldwide. Because of our global reach and office locations in key markets, we are able to incorporate successful digital marketing campaigns. By leveraging on our industry-leading approaches to digital marketing coupled with knowledge and key insights of local markets, our teams work together to bring clients an unparalleled level of service quality. Additionally, our cutting-edge patented technologies are all developed in-house at our R&D laboratory in Sydney, Australia. These allow only our clients to experience success through Google Ads and other digital marketing campaigns that other agencies can’t compete with.

So, why wait any longer? Conquer the digital world and take your brand and business to new horizons by joining our select network of successful clients.

As your world-class digital partner, Inventiva is here to serve you. Discover why thousands of successful companies prefer our Digital Marketing and Strategy services. We invite you to experience the best of what the digital world has to offer. With Inventiva, you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

Google advertising campaigns that are effective and provide tangible results

Advertise on Google with the Confidence of having a Digital Marketing and Strategies Powerhouse at your right hand

We are pleased to be the first Google Advertisement Company that is also able to offer our outstanding customers the guarantee that their advertising campaign in Google (Google Ads) will be successful and cost-effective. This guarantee covers all aspects involved in the implementation and performance of your next campaign through Google Ads.

Accelerate the success of your brand and company with professional Marketing Strategies. Developed by a leading company in the digital market worldwide & backed by industry-leading techniques, our Sydney-based team offers unrivalled digital marketing solutions and world-class customer service.

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