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Do you want your website to appear at the top of Google?

We know that this answer is Yes! Google Search results are becoming increasingly important, because that’s where customers are looking for businesses like yours. Being in the number 1 position in Google Search Results opens up endless opportunities.

, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Inventiva Creative Studio™

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Definition of SEM

Search Engine Marketing, as the name suggests, is any form of Marketing for search engines.

SEM consists of a number of techniques and tools that allow certain web pages to appear higher in search engine results. Results can be achieved through effective advertising campaigns on Google (Google Ads) or other similar search engines. By doing this, companies get more online exposure and manage to capture their target audience more effectively and successfully.


How to make your page the first thing your customers see?

You should start with a Google Ads campaign (formerly known as AdWords). Although other search engines also have marketing tools, we focus mainly on Google. That’s because it is the most widely used search engine worldwide and, if you are a small or medium-sized company, it would be better to consolidate your marketing budget in a large campaign instead to dilute it in a few that do not obtain significant results. Google Ads control all marketing spaces on Google, so it also includes YouTube along with the search results page of your search engine.

How does a SEM Campaign Work?

Components of a successful SEM campaign

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) today the most powerful and efficient tools available in terms of digital marketing. The best argument for this claim is that SEM is completely different from traditional marketing channels.

SEM is a strategy of pull marketing that segments and directs in a more efficient and precise way compared to traditional push advertising – such as TV and print media ads. That’s because people have an intent to looking for your products/services – that is, they are or will be demanding what you have to offer. Conversely, TV and print media just flood the market and push products onto a wider audience. This can be viewed as less effective and more costly.

Furthermore, Google Ads decides which ads will appear next on the results page of a search engine. In order for your ad to be added to the top results, you must have a Google Ads campaign. Your campaign we must define specific keywords that you would like Google to associate with your product or service.

Why is SEM Necessary?

The importance of SEM nowadays

For over a decade, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become increasingly important for all businesses. If you need you are looking for something, chances are that you’ll search it through Google (or another search engine). So if your company or website cannot be found, it will be very difficult to capture new customers. Consequently, your brand may lose strength compared to competitors as well as lose out on potential sales to them. Hence, SEM is a cost-effective and important marketing investment.

Doing SEM incorrectly can be quite costly and prove to be ineffective. As a result, we recommend contacting our Digital Marketing experts. We can advise you and strategically design the most successful campaign to achieve your objectives effectively.

What makes our SEM Services Unique?

Thanks to our many years of experience in digital marketing, Inventiva has developed and perfected a series of techniques and strategies, to maximise the effectiveness of SEM campaigns. Consequently, we have facilitated first page Google Search results for our customers.

Likewise, 95% of all the SEM campaigns that we have developed, have successfully achieved the desired results. Any company serious about reaching more customers should have a SEM campaign.

So, what is the use of having the best website on the market if no one will visit it? Even if you are organically on page 1 of Google, having a strong SEM campaign will improve your chances of a customer selecting your business. If you’re serious about your business, then get in touch with the experts in Marketing and Digital Strategies.

Frequent questions

There are 3 types of Pay Per Click (PPC) payments:

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC). The business pays when a user/potential customer clicks on his or her publication/ad and enters the website.
  2. Cost Per Impression (CPM). The business is charged for the number of times the ad is published/viewed.
  3. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The business pays when the user/potential customer has fulfilled the objective of the website (books a trip, buys a product, etc.)

A SEM campaign cost is relative to your expectations however, the cost is relatively controllable as you can adjust your daily spend budget. Additionally, the more ad campaigns you have to target different services and keywords, the greater the cost will be. The more relevant your result is to the search query, the lower your CPC will be. The lower your CPC, the greater amount of clicks you will receive within the same budget. Contact us today to find out how much your next SEM campaign will be.

Yes; With SEM Campaigns, they can be paused, resumed and terminated at any time. Additionally, you are not locked into any minimum term. Furthermore, whilst your ads are paused, you will not be charged for ad spend.

Tell us about your SEM Project

Our team of Digital Marketing experts are fully trained with the latest techniques and tools that we have developed in-house. This is all thanks to our extensive experience in the digital market. Consequently, at Inventiva Creative Studio™ we can guarantee the positioning of your website within the top search results of Google
Talk to us and find out everything you need know in order to improve your brand image, grow your business and achieve greater results. All our SEM campaigns are strategically design especially for your success!


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, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Inventiva Creative Studio™

Why choose  Inventiva Creative Studio ™ for your next SEM Project?

 Inventiva Creative Studio™ is not only one of the most renowned digital agencies worldwide (with headquarters located in Sydney, Australia). But we are also the only company specialising in Digital Marketing that can guarantee your positioning within the top results of Google search and other main search engines.


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At Inventiva Creative Studio™ we work with your brand transparently and achieve tangible results. We understand and appreciate the importance of your investment.

SEM strategies from  Inventiva Creative Studio™, designed to generate results!

Pioneers in the positioning of website through unmatched SEM techniques

Inventiva Creative Studio™ is one of the most successful digital marketing and web development agencies in Australia. Our experience has allowed us to expand our services around the world and extend our knowledge to clients worldwide. From our different global offices, we are able to incorporate our knowledge of local markets with cutting-edge technology from our development offices in Sydney, Australia. Thus, implementing a variety of different digital marketing and SEM campaigns that are effective and guarantee a return on investment.

Stop waiting and start growing! It all starts with a simple change. Join our select network of successful clients and have a world-class ally to back your business. Conquer the digital world and take your brand and business to new horizons.

At Inventiva, we are here to serve you; that’s why we invite you to discover why thousands of successful companies prefer our Digital Marketing Strategy and SEM services. Let us show you what the digital world of the 21st century has to offer and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Inventiva Creative Studio™, your ultimate SEM partner

Effective and high impact SEM services

We are pleased to be the first digital marketing company that is also able to guarantee effective Social Engine Marketing campaigns. This guarantee covers all the aspects involved with the implementation and performance of your next SEM campaign.

Accelerate the success of your brand/company with world-class Digital Marketing Strategies and SEM. Backed by in-house technological innovations, we offer unparalleled website and digital marketing services.

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