Diagnosis or Consulting Fee


This fee applies to the following scenarios:

  • You believe you are experiencing technical issues with WordPress, a Plugin or a specific function on your website.
  • You require our team to inspect your website and provide specific instructions on how to achieve a particular outcome.


  • The fee paid covers the first 30-minute block.
  • Our diagnosis service is offered and billed in 30-minute blocks.
  • Where additional blocks need to be booked to complete the diagnosis, we will inform you.
  • The fee you pay provides you with a guaranteed diagnosis.
  • If we can solve the problem within 30 mins, we will. Otherwise, we will provide you with an hourly rate to resolve the issue along with the diagnosis.
  • Priority Service (Your diagnosis report will be issued within 2 hours of booking received)

Limitations & Exclusions:

Not included/covered in this fee is:

  • Face-to-face or phone consultations with our staff.
  • Preparing training materials – If this task will require more than 15 mins to complete due to:
    a) The amount of content or instructions/steps required
    b) The complexity of the format/presentation required for the instructions
    c) Research time required to gather all instructions/steps
  • Full Terms & Conditions further down this page.