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Having an online store is like having a business running 24 hours a day, allowing you to purchase a product or service without commercial barriers and a single click away.

The purchase and sale of products through the internet has been taking more and more prominence with the passing of the years. This is due to the fact that electronic commerce (E-Commerce) offers us endless benefits that with traditional commerce would be impossible. Thanks to its notorious advantages compared to other sales channels, this medium has been gaining increasing popularity in different business areas and its consumers.

What is E-Commerce?

Definition of E-Commerce

Electronic commerce, online commerce, online commerce or E-Commerce consists of the sale, purchase or distribution of products or services through Virtual Stores through the Internet.

Thanks to electronic commerce (E-Commerce) we can make purchases 24 hours a day, from the comfort of our house or by the simple fact of avoiding the endless queues in the payment boxes and the frequent crowds in the shopping centers.

Many companies have found in e-commerce a new way of doing business through virtual stores and a great opportunity to start and have a commercial activity of their own.

What Are Online Stores?

Definition of Virtual Stores

Virtual stores or online stores are a type of web page, in which businesses or sellers make available to their customers all the products or services they offer, showing them through images or videos and explaining in detail the characteristics and attributes that these offer.

Currently, companies must understand that in e-commerce through virtual stores there are no trade barriers or borders and that the geographical space is not the one that determines the target or target audience but also the other side of the coin must be seen; since without creativity and without offering a really differentiating value proposal, it is difficult to emerge in this broad and competitive digital world.

E-Commerce vs. Virtual Shops

Differences between E-Commerce & Virtual Stores

E-commerce refers to the activity itself, to the exchange of purchase and sale of goods or services; while virtual stores are one of the main tools used by electronic commerce to be able to operate and carry out transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

While there are other ways of conducting electronic commerce, one of the most widely used worldwide is through virtual stores, which have been acquiring greater importance and popularity among users due to its versatility and savings in operating costs. to mention many other advantages that this type of commerce entails today.

Advantages of E-Commerce

The 5 most mentioned benefits of E-Commerce

  • More customers: Neither the business with the most headquarters in the city or the world can get the number of customers that can be achieved through the Internet, because through this means it is possible to reach all types of customers in the world.
  • The business never closes: The virtual store is working 24 hours a day, increasing its efficiency compared to a traditional store, being able to generate transactions or sales at any time and throughout the year.
  • Savings in operating costs: The fact of not having a physical store for which you must be paying rent or fixed costs of maintenance of the premises, generates a significant decrease in operating costs of the business, allowing you to reach your customers with much more competitive.
  • There is no limit of exhibition space: If you have a virtual store (E-Commerce) you can show the number of products you want without having to limit yourself by the amount of space that traditional stores present. In this way, you will have a greater commercial proposal than that of your main competitors.
  • Customer segmentation: Thanks to electronic commerce through virtual stores, it is possible to segment customers, improving communication and launching targeted campaigns for each target audience.
  • Payment methods: One of the greatest benefits of E-Commerce is the great variety of forms and means of payment it offers. Currently, the online market provides us with endless tools to make payments for services or products purchased, this attribute being highly valued by users.

E-Commerce: Parallel Sales Channel

The trade that knows no limits

One of the trends with the highest growth in E-Commerce have been smartphones since they allow us to be connected 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, this makes it possible to make purchases and acquire services very easily and quickly.

Due to the constant evolution of the Digital Market, more and more companies are betting on electronic commerce as a parallel or alternative channel to their traditional sales channel and in some cases, their biggest bet and investment are directed to this online medium.

If you are interested in acquiring the benefits offered by the digital world through web pages implemented with virtual stores, we suggest you contact our team of web design experts , who will be able to advise and guide you to reach your goals.

Why Are Our Online Stores Unique And Unmatched?

Virtual stores designed and optimized to achieve success

In Inventiva Creative Studio ™ , unlike other Digital Agencies, all the virtual stores that we design and develop include the latest tools and techniques available in the digital market, and in turn are created especially for each of our customers without using any type of templates or limitations. Likewise, to guarantee optimal results, our experts in Web Design also incorporated the following services :

  • Online payment system compatible with all types of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club, etc).
  • Incorporation of alternative payment systems. (PayPal, ApplePay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Bixby, Stripe, ZipPay, PayU, WebPay, etc.)
  • Control panel for the administration / configuration of products and inventories.
  • Control panel to track and manage orders and payments.
  • Automatic generation of purchase notifications and detail of orders.
  • Automatic generation of sales invoices (Sent to the customer’s email after processing their payment successfully).
  • Platform of reports for the analysis of sales and performances of the virtual store.
  • “Responsive” design, compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Latest versions of WordPress / WooCommerce
  • Self-Administered Design
  • Unlimited storage with automatic database included
  • SSL Security Certificate Included
  • Gallery of Images / Videos
  • Automated Forms
  • Links to Social Networks / Google Maps
  • Telephone call button
  • Domain and Hosting for one year
  • Technical training for website administration
  • Unlimited Corporate Mail Accounts

As web technology has evolved over the years, it has provided us with many tools that can be used to optimize the development of web pages and virtual stores that are currently designed, for this reason, and to ensure the quality of all our virtual stores, we are specialists in:

Frequent Questions

That will depend on the payment system that has incorporated the web page. The most commonly used platforms or payment modules accept most credit cards.

A: Yes, in the case that you already have a web page, our experts can incorporate the new virtual store to your current web page.

A: Yes. Indeed, thanks to Electronic Commerce, all products that are advertised in your virtual store can be purchased from anywhere in the world..

A: It depends. If a product is sold abroad, it works in the same way as if the sale was made within your country. However, the product will be governed and will pay the tariffs according to the regulations of the country to which it is being imported. 

, Online Store & E-Commerce, World leaders in digital marketing & web design | Inventiva CS™

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